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About Us

Hi there we are Tim and Katherine Pilkington and welcome to Farm To Fork Online. A little about us, we are parents to 5 beautiful children, farmers and passionate agricultural professionals.

We started our farm to fork journey back in 2015, with big plans and absolutely no idea what we were doing. After much trial and error, break-downs and overwhelm we were all ready to throw the whole idea in.

We had created a business that had become more effort than enjoyment and we new something had to change.

So we went on a journey of discovery – learning, testing, trialling and figuring it out so that we could create a business we loved, and was profitable but didn’t consume us.

Fast forward 18mths and we have a highly profitable business, where we are putting money in the bank every week. We have been awarded for our produce and been on the menu at hatted restaurants like Grossi Florentino and Underbar.

So what was it that made this change…..?

We learnt marketing, web design, branding and how to outsource and automate our business. Through trial and error we have figured it out and now we want to share it with other farmers so that you can short circuit the process and start and scale your farm to fork business.

We are passionate about agriculture and we know first hand the benefit a profitable farm to fork business will have on your overall operation.

If you want to learn more about our Farm to Fork Online program click here, or join the wait list for so you will know when we open the doors of our next course.